New Player's Handbook

The first thing you’ll want to do to is collect your first Mycenian! If you haven’t already, head over to the Out of the Shadows shop. On the right is our forever collection, and you can choose your first one for free! Once you have chosen your favorite coat, head over to their profile. You’ll see that they’re greyed out and ‘unfinished’, and the way to finish it is by giving them a name! This will bring out all their colors, let you equip items, edit their profile, and let you set them as your

Beginner's Guide to Adventuring

Adventures are a guided roleplay adventure, something akin to a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. However, how much or how little story there is built into the adventure is up to the creator (you!), and can range from a sandbox setting where the adventurers can explore their characters, or something more narratively focused with a definitive start and end. As the adventure system can be incredibly overwhelming, this guide aims to get you started with understanding the system.

Advanced Guide to Adventuring

The Adventuring system is very powerful, allowing for the creation of just about any story or mechanic, as long as you have the imagination and drive to create it. Given how powerful it is, the adventure system has a plethora of inbuilt tools and mechanics that can seem overwhelming and confusing. This guide aims to break down the in-depth mechanics of the adventure system, from from dice rolls to variables to the battle system, so that you can create the complexity, rather than the complexity c

New Pet Preview - Anemoi

The still summer air has finally cooled, and the fall has well and truly settled. Trees still stubbornly hold onto their leaves, wearing their temporary crown of rich reds and golds for just a little while longer. Days are becoming shorter, and quieter, and you find yourself grateful that the stifling heat has faded into something more manageable. Still, the late afternoon sun provides a pleasantly warm temptation. A gentle breeze bends the grass at your feet, lazily drifting the fluffy clouds

New Pet Preview - Laureled Deer

Fall had started early. The sunlight is pale and cold, and the wind has a noticeable bite. The forest around you still stubbornly holds onto its leaves, but they’re already more red than green, and it is only a matter of time. The unfamiliar path is clear, for now, but soon it will be choked with leaves, and the red canopy above you will have vanished in turn. The further you walk into the forest, the less defined the path becomes. What started as a wide, inviting trail is soon overcome with de

New Pet Preview - Hedgecraft

Half remembered tales swirl in your head of the hedge mage. That they were nothing more than a doctor, using medicinal plants and mushrooms to cure ails. That their magic was real, and almost rivalled that of the Sorceress. That they were kind and gentle, and only sought to help those who asked. That they were fierce when angered, and should not be crossed. But all the tales said the same thing: if you were incurably ill, the hedge mage would cure you. Some of the tales tell you to follow the o